Dr Jane KhouryAssociate Dermatologist

    Jane G. Khoury, MD is an experienced practising Dermatologist working in General Medical, Surgical. Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology. Dr Khoury graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, California USA in 2002 and has been in practice for over 17 years. Before moving to Australia with her family in 2016, she was practising at The Dermatology Center at Ladera affiliated with Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, Garden Grove Hospital & Medical Center and Mission Hospital Laguna Beach for 6 years and was Medical Advisor, Clinical Development for Galderma Laboratories in Sweden for 3 years. Dr Khoury has completed her International Medical Graduate Dermatology Registrar through St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst NSW and The Skin and Cancer Foundation, Darlinghurst NSW.

    Dr Khoury has published several white papers in the areas of Aesthetic Dermatology including Treatment of Telangiectasia, Poikiloderma and Face and Leg Veins; Aminolevulinic Acid Photodynamic Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation and Acne and several other papers in the area of Laser Dermatology.