102Our nurse clinic provides a range of services for our patients. Each of our nursing staff are experienced in :-

  • Application of specific dressings (wet and dry) based on our dermatologists specific requirements
  • Post surgical removal of sutures
  • UVB Phototherapy for psoriasis and eczema treatment on referral from our dermatologists
  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for actinic keratosis, shallow BCC’s and Bowen’s Disease on referral from our dermatologists
  • PLUS they also provide information on a range of conditions and treatments and can answer any questions or concerns that you may have or refer back to your dermatologist to give you peace of mind.

Northern Sydney Dermatology has comprehensive patient handouts which have been specifically written by our Principal Doctors and which support our patients undergoing a range of treatments . The handouts cover a range of conditions as well as pre and post treatment care so that when you get home you can confidently refer to these handouts rather than having to try to remember everything that you have been told.

Our nurses clinic operates from 9am – 5pm during weekdays and is specifically available to our Northern Sydney Dermatology patients only.